Server-HR Hosting

Server-HR is a Croatian IT company that has provided web services since the beginning of 2013. They have their own servers in well-known European data centres that daily host thousands of web pages. Their mission is to offer their clients the best possible service, with the best availability and server time response.

They offer a huge range of web services, starting from their most used shared hosting services to resller packages, all up to full dedicated server packages and at one of the lowest prices avaliable on the market.

After operating for 7 years on a customised template, they decided to fully start over with a new website custom made for them and their brand. They also required the addition of new package plans more suitable for their userbase.

Before the updated website, they mainly focused on the Croatian market, not really looking for oppotunities internationaly. With the new website, they wanted the option to expand internationally, so their website was created in multiple languages.

Their logo was also just uppercased Arial, which they wanted changed to something modern but simple, as they wanted to maintain the full name in the logo.

Image of their old website, which is also not responsive for devices smaller than a monitor.

I talked with them about a colour scheme they would like to assosiate with their business, and they asked for one that is predominantly blue. So I came up with this colour pallete that they approved and liked.






With colors out of the way, I decided to go through more font options with them so they could decide on a better more appealing font for them.

Old logo above, was Arial uppercased, while they didn't want to change much, we ended up going through different fonts and the one that stuck out to them the most was "Audiwide" that is used bellow.

With the basics sorted, it was time to move on to the design.