Dean Pifar

Front-end web engineer

Ambitious, creative and motivated developer with half a decade of experience developing websites and applications for clients all over the globe, currently based in Sunderland, United Kingdom.

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designAdobe XD/Photoshop

While many websites nowadays are flashy and nice for the eye, sometimes it's hard to find the information you're looking for. My personal taste is clean, professional looking websites that get straight to the point.


As a developer, I strongly dislike messy and unreadable code. I use modern technologies and conventions such as Jade, SCSS, and BEM, that make the code readable and more importantly easier to upscale and maintain.


To help my clients easily start their presence on the web, I provide three months of free hosting services with a partner company after project completion. Clients then have the option to remain using these hosting services for a fee.

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Server-HR Hosting

This project was one of the most challenging for me as I was the sole developer for the full thing. As such, I experienced and have been challenged in many ways, from planning the UI/UX design, to planning the product branding and trying to tie it all together in a way that the client required for their personal goals.

Server-HR has provided a range of hosting services since the beginning of 2013, and are located in Croatia. They have their own servers in well-known European data centres, and host hundreds of web pages. Their mission is to offer their clients the best possible service, with the best availability and server time response.

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Looking for a fellow developer to talk to? Have some questions about the work I do? Any queries you might have, feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you would prefer to contact me directly, you can mail me on